“I can’t get to it, Mum.”


“I must get it.  I must get it.  I must get it.”

I was looking through my phone recently,  trying to get rid of pictures to free up some memory space, when I stumbled upon a picture and a video of Tilly.  The image brought back a funny memory of her obsession with the Wendy house.

A few years ago during the summer months,  she was constantly asking to go out.  We thought she had found a friend in the farm behind us, another dog to bark at and wag her tail to.  Every time she asked to go out, she ran over to the Wendy house near the fence we shared with the farm.  Normally the sound of the W word or the B word would hurry her back inside.  She didn’t want either and and my calls to bring her in were futile. So, I went out to investigate.

She ran, head and shoulders hunched down as though she was about to round sheep up, to one side of the playhouse, fitting just below the old table we had placed out there.  At first I thought she was trying to sniff at the fence behind us.  On closer inspection, she was actually sniffing in the small gap between the playhouse and the fence.  She sniffed loud and hard, in and out for about thirty seconds. Her tail was wagging in that way that shows intrigue and happiness as it swishes right to left in a flit of hurry.

Not content with her struggle she ran quickly, hunched shouldered and head lowered again, to the other side of the playhouse intent on getting to it.  She waited sniffing loud and hard again.

Then she ran back again to the left side.  She peered and sniffed.  Then the right.  Then the left.   She was possessed and had to get to it.  In her pursuit, she must have gone backwards and forwards for at least five minutes.

Unfortunately, she never did get to it.  And after I looked behind the playhouse, I couldn’t see anything.

Has anybody else’s dog been as obsessed with something similar?


2 thoughts on ““I can’t get to it, Mum.”

  1. Maybe Tilly once saw a cat or rabbit disappear through that gap between the house and the fence? Your description was so spot-on, that I could very easily visualize Tilly’s antics. Good writing!

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  2. Thanks so much for the kind comment. We thought it might have been a rat, or something like that, living under the boards of the playhouse and she could smell it.


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