You Can Teach A Dog New Tricks

They say you can’t teach a dog new tricks.  They don’t know my dog.


Feeding time used to be a battle for control where she would attempt to swipe in and eat parts of her dinner before it was fully put in her bowl.  You’d turn your back for a second to get the tinned meat out of the fridge, and she would see that window of opportunity as a chance to gobble as much food as possible.  She’d guzzle down the two thirds of the ingredients of her dinner worried that it would be taken away from her.  After all dogs are scavengers by nature, and there doesn’t come a scavenger greedier than her.


Therefore, we decided to teach her to be patient and eat all of her tea together. Over the course of the next few weeks, we spent time reiterating to her that she needed to sit near the cupboard (where we store her food and treats) and wait for the three parts of her dinner to be placed in the bowl.  Each time she inched over or tried to eat from the bowl, we would ask her politely but firmly to sit back near her cupboard.  If she didn’t listen, we’d put down the knife and walk away from it.  Sometimes this even resulted in going out of the room on occasion.


Once the food was in the bowl, and she was waiting near the cupboard, only then would we tell her, “Good girl,” and allow her to eat her dinner.  To her, food is the most important thing so making her wait patiently definitely seemed to make a difference.  This consistency with feeding gave her the message that now, months after we have taught her this, she goes and sits by the cupboard on her own.  She does whinge and she does do a lovely dancing shuffle as she tries to inch as close to the cupboard as caninely possible.    She still gets impatient and moans when she doesn’t get her own way, but we’ve proved those naysayers wrong.


It just goes to show what a dog will do for food.


What has your dog been known to do for food?


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