If we were having coffee…

coffee-563800_1920I’d tell you that there isn’t a day that goes by without me worrying about the safety or health of Tilly.  I suppose like any other dog owner, I see Tilly as an extension of the family.  As she gets older, I realise that her health is only going to get worse.


I suppose it all stems from her having diabetes a few years ago, and I’m always very concerned that it will come back.  But I worry about what she eats and how much of it.  She has a habit of scrounging on walks, and I get concerned with what she might pick up.  I pull her away when I see things on the floor that she might eat, but she always finds something – usually when she’s doing her businesssiness and I’m trying to pick it up.


A few years ago she was taken to the vets because she had eaten a rotten pear.  Her stomach was on the mend and they gave her some tablets to take.  She responded well to the medication.  Since then she has a stomach made of iron (touch wood!).  Because despite how much she whines and is cheeky when she constantly demands for food, I love her and wouldn’t want her any other way.  She’s our substitute child at the moment.