If we were having coffee…

coffee-563800_1920I’d tell you that there isn’t a day that goes by without me worrying about the safety or health of Tilly.  I suppose like any other dog owner, I see Tilly as an extension of the family.  As she gets older, I realise that her health is only going to get worse.


I suppose it all stems from her having diabetes a few years ago, and I’m always very concerned that it will come back.  But I worry about what she eats and how much of it.  She has a habit of scrounging on walks, and I get concerned with what she might pick up.  I pull her away when I see things on the floor that she might eat, but she always finds something – usually when she’s doing her businesssiness and I’m trying to pick it up.


A few years ago she was taken to the vets because she had eaten a rotten pear.  Her stomach was on the mend and they gave her some tablets to take.  She responded well to the medication.  Since then she has a stomach made of iron (touch wood!).  Because despite how much she whines and is cheeky when she constantly demands for food, I love her and wouldn’t want her any other way.  She’s our substitute child at the moment.


13 thoughts on “If we were having coffee…

  1. I’m new to visiting your blog, but I want to wish your dear Tilly all the best. I have cats and rats and am all too familiar with the worry that comes with pets. They are family and when something is not right or they’re in ill health, we worry. Just how it is.

    Sending lots of love and cuddles to Tilly. Glad I stopped by. Have a great weekend.


    • Thanks for stopping by Kim. Tilly is in good health at the moment, but I just worry that she will eat herself ill. Will check out you blog. I hope you will return soon, and have a good weekend, too.


  2. Only pet owners truly understand why we worry about our pets!


  3. itsmisselizabeth

    I agree with Kim above, I too have a cat and a dog as well. I recently took my cat to the vet only to discover she has hyper thyroid. I definitely feel your concern. My cat, like your Tilly, is doing well now but the worry certainly remains. These are more than just pets to us, they’re our fur babies. We take care of them as we would children, they’re our whole world!


  4. Welcome to coffee/tea share, I have had many furfriends over my years. Presently only one. A cat named Kato who gives mecjoy at time.


  5. We had a cat in Tenerife called Kika. She was everyone’s friend, the whole complex loved her, and we were all very sad when she reached the end of her long life. That’s the price we pay for loving creatures with a shorter lifespan than our own.


  6. I’m thankful my dog hasn’t had any chronic or serious health conditions except for a bout with kennel cough over a decade ago. I guess that tells you, however, that he is getting up there in years. I can tell he sleeps more and doesn’t hear as well. I worry about him every day.


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