About Me

I’d say  that after having Border Collies for 30 years, I’ve been amazed at how intelligent they really are.  I once had a dog, Bess, who could differentiate between her different Womble toys; knew the difference between her red ring,  her blue ring and yellow ring and could retrieve the correct one when asked; and could do back flips with so much ease that I swear she was a gymnast in her past life.  Sadly,  Bess had to be put down 4 years ago.  We now have Tilly, who pretends she’s not as clever, but secretly she is. Amongst other things she has perfected the art of tail wagging and drools on command any time she sees a carrot.


This blog is going to chart our training with Tilly, who seems to have picked up bad habits along the way.  It will also contain general musings about dogs as we try to teach an old dog new tricks.  291